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Smart Mousse | Oh My Gold | Illuminator Brush

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Who doesn't love a good bundle? We've put together some of your fave products to give you the ultimate tan experience so you can get that glow⭐ You can find the descriptions down below!

Smart Mousse 175ml

bBold Smart Mousse 175ml

bBold smart mousse has 3 simple steps, APPLY, SHOWER, DEVELOP and with this regime you will become beautifully bronzed while feeling completely fresh.

Simply APPLY using a bBold applicator mitt. Wait 1,2 or 3 hours depending on your desired colour then SHOWER, rinse off and moisturise. Then feel completely fresh as you DEVELOP, as if you are not even wearing tan.

  • No fake tan smell
  • No Stickiness
  • No transfer onto sheets
  • Kahai oil
  • Natural organic DHA
  • Paraben Free

With 3.2.1 colour control technology you can achieve your perfect colour, simply allow..

  • 1 HOUR for a softly sun-kissed look
  • 2 HOURS for a golden glow
  • 3 HOURS to be bronzed and beautiful

Not tested on animals.

Oh My Gold Illuminator 50ml
bBold Oh. My. Gold. Face and Body Illuminator 50ml

Oh My Gold provides an hypnotic radiance, gliding effortlessly onto the skin to create a captivating golden glow.
Use this product as a finishing touch to your favourite developed bBold tan or natural tan.

Suitable for face and body use.

✅ Super easy to use
✅ Contains light reflecting particles
✅ For Face & Body use
✅Liquid Formula amazing on top of natural or developed tan 😍

Illuminator Brush
bBold Face and Body Highlighter Brush

Skilfully crafted with super soft synthetic bristles to deliver a smooth and effortless application.

Care guide: Simply wash using brush shampoo. Leave to dry naturally away from direct heat.

Details: Full and dense 100% synthetic bristles with super soft fibres.

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