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Do bBold ship internationally?

We do!! We are currently stocked on Beauty Bay and Prettylittlething who both ship internationally.

Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting delivery times?

IRL and NI - 1-2 working days.

UK include 2-3 working days (despite best efforts some services may be disrupted).


Are bBold products safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, they are safe to use. However, we would always recommend a patch test. As with any new product, some ladies can be extra sensitive during pregnancy so it’s best to be on the safe side.

Can I get sunburned wearing bBold tan?

bBold tan does not contain SPF. When on holiday make sure to regularly apply high factor SPF – no one wants sun damage! With bBold tan you can fake that just back from holiday glow every day, so there’s no need to risk getting burned!

I’m vegan. Can I use bBold tan?

Of course! bBold tan is vegan and cruelty-free, we love animals! We can assure you that this will never change. Happy tanning!


Does bBold have a spray tan solution for salons?

Yes! We take great pride in our spray tan solution, it’s very popular! bBold Professional Solution contains 10%  DHA for those who enjoy a deliciously deep golden tan (who doesn’t!?). bBold Professional Solution is super long lasting, so great for anyone going on holidays!

I am a salon owner, how do I stock bBold tan?

You can purchase bBold Professional Solution from the products section of our website. You can also call to place an order using the contact details here. If you have any questions drop us an email at, one of our lovely team members will get straight back to you!


I need to shave my legs! How long should I wait before tanning?

We recommend shaving your legs or waxing the night before tanning, make sure to rinse your legs with cool water after to close up your pores, this little tip ensures that your tan doesn’t look spotty.

Do I apply Smart Mousse before I shower, or in the shower?

Before! Smart Mousse is not an in the shower tan. To achieve a gorgeous glow, apply Smart Mousse before showering, the longer you leave before showering, the darker your tan will become. Smart Mousse continues to develop after showering – fresh bed sheets, fresh smell, fresh tan, what’s not to love!

I want my tan to last as long as possible, do you have any tips?

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise again! We recommend using our Body Beautiful Moisturiser daily to extend your tan. Make sure to exfoliate regularly too– dry and dead skin is not your friend when tanning! 😊


Should I put moisturiser on before tanning?

Moisturise your body using bBold's Body Beautiful Moisturiser the night before tanning. If you moisturise your body directly before tanning it will dilute the product and your tan may go streaky sad times.

However, make sure to moisturise those really dry and tricky areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet directly before tanning, this acts as a barrier so you don’t end up with dark patches! You’ve got this!

I would like a light tan, what product do you recommend?

If it’s a lovely light glow you are looking for then Smart Mousse is the product for you! Simply leave on for one hour before showering for a naturally golden glow.

I would like a medium tan, what product do you recommend?

You’re in luck, we have a few options you prefer a medium tan. You could choose to leave Smart Mousse on for two hours before showering, or try our liquid or lotion tan in shade medium.

I like a really dark tan, what product would you recommend?

We like your style! Our most popular product for a dark tan is Xtra Dark Mousse. Xtra Dark Mousse is formulated to provide an extra dark holiday glow, whilst boosting your skin moisture levels. You can also choose our liquid or lotion in shade dark for that deeply dark glow.


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