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Do bBold ship internationally?

Not yet, but watch this space!

Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting delivery times?

Occasionally there may be slight delays but our team is working SUPER hard to ensure you get your orders as soon as possible! Please allow 1-3 working days for Ireland and Northern Ireland, and 2-4 working days for the UK.


How do I become an affiliate?

Click here to find out!

Are bBold products safe to use during pregnancy?

We are proud to say our products are non-toxic and free of all nasties, meaning they are safe to use during your pregnancy! However, we always advise checking with your Midwife first.

Can I get sunburn when wearing bBold tan?

Our fabulous tans do not contain SPF, meaning they do not act as a barrier against the sun! We would strongly advise applying SPF regularly when exposed to the sun.

I’m vegan. Can I use bBold tan?

Yes you can! bBold tan is vegan and cruelty free… We have also recently been PETA approved!


When should I shave my legs before tanning?

We recommend shaving your legs or waxing the day before tanning! We would also suggest you exfoliate at this stage to ensure all of the old tan & dead skin is gone before applying a fresh layer of tan.

How do I prolong my tan?

Ok listen up, we have 3 top tips for prolonging your tan!

  1. Prep is key! Ensure your skin is exfoliated 24 hours prior to tanning, then apply a generous layer of moisturiser…
  2. No other products on skin! Before you tan make sure skin is free of products such as perfumes, deodorant or makeup! If you are showering before tanning make sure to wait at least 1 hour before applying tan - this allows your pores to close.
  3. Moisturise daily! Once tan is showered off, you must moisturise daily… we recommend doing this when skin is still damp. This will keep your tan looking flawless for up to 1 week!

Should I moisturise before tanning?

Moisturise your body using bBold's Maintain It Moisturiser the night before tanning. We would only recommend moisturising your dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles directly before tanning to ensure tan doesn't stick to these areas!


Do bBold have a spray tan solution for salons?

Yes! We are obsessed with our spray tan solution, everyone loves it! bBold Professional Solution contains 10% DHA for those who enjoy a deliciously deep golden tan (who doesn’t!?). bBold Professional Solution is super long lasting and so hydrating.

I’m a salon owner, how do I stock bBold?

You can purchase bBold Professional Solution from the Tan section of our website. You can also email us at and one of our lovely team members will get straight back to you!


What product is best for a light tan?

If it’s a lovely light glow you are looking for then our Hello Glow gradual tan is your new best friend!

What product is best for a medium tan?

You’re in luck, we have a few options if you prefer a medium tan. You could choose to leave Smart Mousse on for 2 hours before showering, or try our Super Serum or Super Spritz tan in shade medium.

What product is best for a dark tan?

We have so many incredible options for you! Choose from our Super Serum, Super Mousse Super Dark and Smart Mousse (leave to develop for 8 hours).

What product is best to use to tan your face?

Our Mist & Glow Face Mist will leave your face softly sun-kissed! Our amazing formula is non-comedogenic so it won't block your pores or cause break outs!


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