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bBold Tan Buster Glove - bBoldTan

bBold Tan Buster Glove



Bust away old tan or simply refresh and exfoliate your skin with bBold's double-bubble Tan Buster.

It's the natural way...No chemicals, no nasties and it's eco-friendly!

Extra rough to help you buff - removing dead skin cells and erasing old tan
Double the bubbles to wash away your troubles - with a foam underlayer so you can enjoy a bubble wash at the same time!
Comfortable mitt with a snug fit - for ultimate control

Application Tips

Exfoliate using your Tan Buster & bBold's Rough to Buff 24 hours prior to tanning
Ensure skin is clean and moisturiser free
Pump your fave bBold tan onto the Smooth Applicator and apply to the skin in circular motion. 

Care Guide

Hand wash me after each use!
Leave me to dry naturally away from direct heat






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